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glass gems
glass gems

Glass Gems

A wonderful presention in a jewellery shop window: the dripping water over the glassen cascades reflect the gem's sparkling again and again. The aquamarine stones seem to be crystallized water.

little brook in the wood

Little brook in the wood

A picture reminding me of M.C.Escher's illustrations or Monet's pond paintings. What is inside the water of the brook, aside of it or high above in the trees around it?

fingersmearings on a window pane

Fingersmearings on a window pane

Another example of how simple daily details most often neglected can fascinate a photographer' eye and somewhat cut out of it's surrounding can become a piece of beauty on their own.

underground reflections

Underground reflection

Snapshot right out of the underground train window when passing this art installation in one of London's stations in 2001

chocolate shop window reflections

Chocolate reflections

Peole passing this shop might want to be inside whilst other customers inside have to make difficult decisions between the most delicious Swiss chocolates and sweets. :-)

motion blur at metro station in Paris

Metro Motion Blur

Definetely a snapshot, catching the moment when the Paris underground comes roaring into the station, letting the air shake and wind blow and everybody starts to move