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le elephant - bizarre rock
happy geese on grass
violet river
chameleon shaped bizarre rock
dead frog
autumn dust in the morning
le elephant - bizarre rock in Fontainebleau

Le Elephant

A large rock like many thousands in the large forests of Fontainebleau, 1 hour drive south of Paris/France. They are a boulder eldorade for climbers and some have bizarre shapes or structures and holes like this one which is appr. 5 m in height.
This pic is colourized a bit to make it look even more weird...

happy geese on grass

Geese on grass

Quite alive in contrast to the frog's shot is this photo of a happy group of geese running giggling over a rich meadow (not knowing that a different fate will await them before Christmas (Kirchweih - where an annual feast is celebrating the Church building in the village or town) or at Christmas...

violet river

Violet River

The Isar River running through Munich (here near the Zoo), photographed at melancholic autumn early evening dustings.

chameleon shaped bizarre rock in Fontainebleau

»Chameleon« Rock

Like the pic of Le Elephant a colourized photograph of a rock which shape resembles so much a chameleon.

dead frog on road paving stones

Dead frog

Sort of 'nature cruel picture'.
I cycled on a bike and from the distance it looked like a leave lying on the road... Actually the frog would be dried the next day, the inner organs picked by birds, leaving only the wrinkled skin like a autumn leave.
For some reason I cannot understand at all, this pic was stolen/directed to my webserver from several weird websites ... I put a ‘theft’ message instead of the original picture place and renamed my frog pic ...

autumn dust in the morning

Morning Dust in Autumn

This is a wonderful moment when the landscapes awakes in late September, the night's fog has been dissolved by the early sun, shadows are still long, trees are silhouettes and only the distance gradient of colours indicate the 3rd dimension of the scenery.What makes this view special for me is that it is the area around Murnau/Kochel in Bavaria/Germany where some favourite members of the Expressionists' groups I adore a lot – „Der Blaue Reiter“ and „Die Brücke“ – used to live and paint for several years.