objects, weirdnesses, animals

blurred lights in a tunnelice cave / inverted coloursice puddle on meadowpartly naked bitten roots of a tree that look like a limb / part of a bodyicy shapes on a river's surface / colourized a bit ...dried corn at the end of the summerbroken window pane that looks like a plain black shapeyou'll never guess ... spilled and dried tea on a ceramic glass of an ovenblueturquoish sunset at a harbour in Italyanimals enjoying rare sunspells in autumn at a warmed tree surfacecorny bavarian picture: green meadow, happy cows again the mountains...deer enjoying the warm sunjesus christ at some rusty cross under tree at some country road crossingsign for a special area of land/nature that is protected, with the time being grown into a tree

houses, constructions, architectural views

picnic place at a pinetree shaded shore and dunes areadeserted shop in Munichonce one building now neighboured houses that get differently renovated in Arco/Italythe famous townhouse from Munich, at a rather unusual early light condition (approaching thunderstorm at 5.a.m in summer)central station train hall in Antwerpen, Belgiumtransparencies and reflections at a chocolate storea sweet shop and bakery with inviting light and decorated windows in Munich/Solln, 1950th architecturemix of house building materials at this old castle in Amlishagen, Germanyphotographed from outside into a plant raising glass houseold handcraftsshop in Gelting, Bavariarare example for old iron bridge in Munich/Thallkirchenfamous black Siemens building in Munich-Solln from an unusal point of view (time of Siemens corruption affairs in the news...)

landscape, nature

glacier with walking way Dachstein, Austriaglacier with huge rock Dachstein, AustriaBodensee / Lake Lindau - Föhn / Weather condition warm wind from the mountains / Autumn atmosphereriver Isar through Munich, frosty pinkblue sunset view in winter canal of the river Isar at some strong cold winter day atmosphereanother view of the canal of the river Isar at some strong cold winter day with dancing snowflakesvast meadows with peaceful chewing cows in the NetherlandsDachstein view from Ramsau green richt meadows, Austriaharbour way in Antwerpen, Belgium (Osterschelde) at changing weather, threatening pale sunviolet frosty mist over long grass leaves in the early morningmisty colours of autumn treesa snow covered forest with an overexposed pale oak tree peaceful reflections in silent waters, Hoogerheide Netherlands/Belgium cornerbeautiful peaceful autumn weather with mountains in the distancepond reflections, dark tree silhouettesFoehn in Bavaria, warm falling wind at the Bavarian Alps creats cigar like clouds and wide views

people, situations, characters

dames of diamonds .... window shopping at jewelry shopslow prices ... women stopping at shopping windowspink mobile annoyances ....a little bakery inSouth France /Les Sablettes with always happy baker boysthe eagle and his master  .... Landscron, Austriawoman in red .... in a coffeeshop in Munich ....old man reading his paper in his little shop in Sardegna that is now run by his sonnordic woman walking at southern mediterrean seaIce Curling silhouettes at Floßlände, Isar, Munichboy on a snowy mountain plainvisitors of the Deutsches Museum in Munich are reflected in the matte glass windows inside hte buildingsweet slumbers in the late summer sun at a lazy lake in Bavaria, Kirchseepink umbrellas spoil the mountain view ... (what, are there mountains...? a jeep drove us here....)a farmer guides his cows back home on a late afternoon in september, Peretshofen, Bavariadear small moss covered Teddy, protecting bravely a baby's grave since years

rust objects, details of decay

a rusty chain sculpturecloseups rusty details with wired leftovers...box for installing telephone cables ... Irsee, Bavariarusty old sign for a dancing palace ...rusty binold sign at some old worn out farmer machine left in the forests, Forstenrieder Park, MunichApproved ... approved .... but deserted since long ....
vertical visual

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 Welcome to my photogallery example from 2006/2007

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functionality/design side notes:

beate de nijs, feb 2007

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