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Ich bestücke aus meinem eigenen riesigen Archiv oft Kundenwebsites bzw. fotografiere für sie auf Wunsch.

Ansonsten interessieren mich keine 0-8-15 Bildchen, sondern intensive Details, Geschichten, Atmosphäre.

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In meiner bisherigen Website gab es jede Menge Galeriebeispiele auch zum Erläutern der einzelnen Vor- und Nachteile für Kunden, die sich Galerien für ihre eigenen Websites wünschen. Ein paar – teilweise sehr alte, immer noch schöne, aber nicht unbedingt mobilkonforme – habe ich hier anklickbar belassen (ovale thumbnails)

Breathe ....


... as simple as that.

ice curtain

An ice curtain as shellter?

... this cosy shell of ice slowly freezes your soul ...

fading summer sun

Fading Summer Sun

when the sky is no longer blue and clear ... tiny dust and fog particles carry autumn scents and cooler colours. in the afternoons strange colour atmospheres like this greenish yellow with hardly any shadow give the scenery a surreal look. when the last tourists will have packed their cars and gone the beach will be quiet and empty and the footprints blown by the wind soon








you guessed correctly? e.g. #iceonblacklavasandshore, #goldenalgaeonblacklavastone, #generalelectricfridge working since 70+ years, #burnt shop with ice fridge, #airandspacemuseum washington dulles: golden record with human code, space shuttle ceramic tiles, satellite jellyfishskin umbrella, ...

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photogallery example IV

Photogallery IV - 2007/11
(same pics as in No. III. )

Example of how a lot of pics can be shown within a certain area; made with adopted and adjusted Galleria Classic Theme. A long row of thumbnails images sits underneath the large display area. They can be scrolled to left and right; the number of images is displayed; additionally an info box can show the image titel and short text.

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Photogallery II - 2006/07

Photogallery II - 2006/07

I like building galleries... So here some bits of visual impressions taken by me. Do I have a certain style? If, then it's rather natural and sincere atmospheres. I don't like pretentions, lies or artificial surfaces ...

The image sizes are rather large, make your browser window as high as possible and close all unneccessary side/top bars. I really wanted large views, not responsive adjusting thumbnail sizes, still browsing is fast here.

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gallery london 2001

London visit 2001

I wanted to present some pics I had taken to friends and got so much encouraging feedback that I turned all into a nice gallery - but without typical tourist images or any explainations. I created a nice kind of ‘trackball’ to navigate the site.

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originally I had created a socalled ‘chromeless’ window for the gallery but due to the fact that many users browsers' block all sorts of pop-up windows (even those deliberately clicked or wanted by users) I avoid this now and users get a usual new window with all the browser symbols and cluttering stuff...

2001 filesize of images was an even more critical issue for websites than today, so the dimensions and jpg-quality is smaller than one would optimize images in 2012.

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photogallery sample III

Photogallery III - 2007/11

  • built early 2012
  • larger browser windows (1200x1600px – yeah) are common
  • scrolling behaviour is what users like again
  • large images, many in a row, possible thanks to quicker internet connection
  • but also many do surf mobile with mobile phone speeds, loading order has to be taken care of, optimized small image sizes, etc. (no problem for me – I've learned optimizing image for modems long ago ;-)
  • example for a gallery without thumbnails
  • own-styled horizontal scrollbar within the page
  • I really wanted large views here as well, still browsing is fast here.

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eye sensuals

Eyesensuals - colour atmospheres

modest attempt of contribution to James Turrell's artistic achievements...
a small collection of images that calm and relax eyes and mind due to their reduced colours and light and not obviousness of objects...
and as all my galleries a further nice variation of presenting images with text in an elegant way to let them speak for themselves...
In 2002 everything was about exploring and discovering spare hints of how to use a site. Unpatient or incapable users would miss the arts.

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Photogallery I - 2000

Photogallery I - 2000

an own big gallery for a selection of favourite pics. I'd taken all pics with a classic camera, scanned them in and did no retouching in Photoshop

in 2000, picture size was quite and issue, so 20-30 KB per image was the maximum allowed / accepted (as you can see at the jpg artefacts...)
This kind of gallery brought together some ideas of the lastest state of the art of website building that days and this is the only one of it's kind. I, we did things for the first time, e.g. it uses a pixel pattern to simulate transparency (which did not work in browsers as there were no .png files yet). Dragging a layer around was as cool. No touchscreens those days...

Before 2000:

fingersmearings on a window pane

Fingersmearings on a window pane

motion blur at metro station in Paris

Metro Motion Blur

Definetely a snapshot, catching the moment when the Paris underground comes roaring into the station, letting the air shake and wind blow and everybody starts to move

Eiffelturm threatening

Eiffeltower somewhat threatening

This symbol of Paris is doubtless an extraordinary piece of architecture. From the distance it looks very elegant but the closer you get the more you get aware of the construction itself. From some angles, especially when going up in the elevators, it makes on feel like being in an oversized cage. One usually looks up the tower and never can see it on the whole, against the sky the steel is only black silhouette and it's more than obvious that this tower had not been built for aesthetical but constructional reasons ...

chameleon shaped bizarre rock in Fontainebleau

»Chameleon« Rock

Like the pic of Le Elephant a colourized photograph of a rock which shape resembles so much a chameleon.

old lady reading in hyde park sun

Lady reading

I saw this lady when having an expensive lunch snack in Hyde Park/London. in 2001. She was completely concentrated on the texts she was reading, enjoying the extraordinary beautiful weather but keeping her style (hat and jacket on), only the sleeves rolled up, with her arm skin revealing that she was much older than she seemed from the vivid face but obviously not trying to hide her age nor paying attention to it. A self-confident woman.

lonesome man

Lonesome Man

Though this picture was taken during lunch with several friends, this man felt all alone. I took this picture in the moment he was telling that his wife had left him six months ago...

woman returned from hospital with bottle on couch

Woman recovering from hospital stay

This woman has successfully undergone a breast cancer surgery and relaxes now on her couch back at home. She has to carry around the bottle collecting liquor from her body and has placed this on the couch as well. You can see from her closed eyes that she is not sleeping or relaxing at all really ... rather the whole story of the recent month is flickering before her eyes...